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Lapis (Lapis Lazuli) rough materials

Lapis is a popular blue material which is opaque. The dominant mineral in high quality Lapis is the mineral Lazurite.

Lapis ranges from light blue to dark blue. Lapis is frequently included with Pyrite and/or Calcite. Many people love Lapis which is speckled with inclusions of golden Pyrite. White Calcite in the Lapis is normally considered to be less desireable.

The finest quality Lapis comes from the Panshir Valley in Afghanistan, which is a pretty dangerous part of the world. Lapis is also found in Peru and some has also been found in Western Colorado.

Lapis is a good hard material which takes a great polish and works very well for inlays, cabochons, and carvings.

You want to keep Lapis away from harsh acids. The Acids can eat away the microscopic Calcite in the Lapis and that will destroy the polish. We can re-polish it for you if that happens.

Lapis rough material

Slab of Lapis rough material

This is a small slab of very nice quality rough Lapis.

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This has a nice bright even blue color with no Pyrite.

When I am buying Lapis rough, I have to sort through a LOT of rough to find pieces which are as nice as this one.

Lapis rough material

Rough Lapis slab

This is also a very nice piece of Lapis. This one has some dark spots which the first one didn't have.

Lapis rough material

Pieces of rough Lapis

These 2 pieces are also very nice. These has more 'texture' and a small smattering of Pyrite which gives it a more natural looks when they are cut or inlaid.

Lapis rough material

Block of rough Lapis

This is a piece of rough Lapis which has more texture to it and also a band of Pyrite running through it.

Lapis rough material

Rough Lapis with one side polished

This is a large piece of rough Lapis which has very nice color but has many flaws.

Even though this is a lower quality piece, it can be used for many projects which do not require high quality material.

     This piece is  SOLD

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