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Opal rough materials

Opal has been admired and used for thousands of years. It is found in many parts of the world. The biggest source of high quality Opal rough materials is Australia. But Opal is also found in Brazil and even in several locations in the United States.

Opal is a fragile material and should be treated with care. Owners of Opals love them so much they don't mind the need to be extra careful with them.

Some Opals will crack after they have been out of the ground for some amount of time. For some Opals, they will crack in a few days. Other Opals will take many years and others never crack. But that is a risk which Opal lovers are willing to take and enjoy their special pieces while they have them.

There have been many myths about soaking Opals in water or oils to prevent them from cracking, but scientists who have studied them say there is really no way to prevent them from cracking. Just enjoy them while you have them.

Amethyst rough material

Blue-green Opal rough materials

This is the type of blue-green Opal rough that we use for inlaying.

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Amethyst rough material

Orange flash Opal rough material

This is an example of Opal rough which has some orange flash in it.

This piece is appx 18 mm long

Amethyst rough material Amethyst rough material

Opal rough material

This is a nicel blocky chunk of Opal rough. It has some swirls of color in a whiteish background.

Amethyst rough material

Brownish Opal rough material

Opal sometimes comes in brownish, orangy, or yellowish colors also. We have a few small pieces of this material.

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